All 12 of Roger Stone’s jurors say they feel their safety is threatened by right-wing rage over conviction
Roger Stone speaks to Fox Nation (screen grab)

On Thursday, CNN reported that all of the jurors who served in the trial of President Donald Trump's friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone have issued anonymized statements saying that they fear for their personal safety, and that they need their identities protected.

"The jurors are fighting in court to keep private forms they filled out before the trial. They and other prospective jurors had written to the court answers about their employment history and other personal details, so that the attorneys and the judge could vet the jury for bias. A right-wing conspiracy theorist and writer is asking to release the questionnaires now publicly," reported Katelyn Polantz. "The jury forewoman, Tomeka Hart, wrote that she still feels unsafe after the President tweeted about her around Stone's sentencing date. Hart and another juror, Seth Cousins, who identified themselves to the media after the trial, said they've received threatening letters and postcards in the mail from strangers — a veiled threat that implies their home addresses are known."

"I try to stay away from danger, but now it seems like the danger is coming to me," said Juror H in a court filing. "This whole situation blows me away, because all that I expected before the trial was simply appearing for jury duty. I feel that I should be protected for performing my civic duty."

"I am frightened that someone could harm my family simply because I was summoned and then chosen to serve on the jury," agreed Juror B.

Stone was convicted of false statements, witness tampering, and obstruction relating to his role acting as a backchannel to WikiLeaks for the Trump campaign in 2016. His trial became a cause célèbre for many right-wing activists who are convinced he was framed for political purposes — a narrative enforced by President Donald Trump, who has blasted the trial as unfair and attacked Hart specifically, calling her a "tainted" juror.

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