Anderson Cooper slams ‘Soviet-style’ propaganda from Trump’s press secretary on bleach comments

On Friday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," in discussion with chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, Cooper pulled no punches on White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for denying President Donald Trump's own words on injecting household cleaning products to treat coronavirus.

"I know why the president didn't take questions this evening," said Cooper. "It's interesting to me that Kayleigh McEnany, the new spokesperson, is over the top in her Soviet-like praise or rewriting of history on things, would say one thing, and then the president — they clearly didn't coordinate their lies."

"They didn't, Anderson," said Acosta. "We found out today that the president's words have meaning, but they're also, at times, hazardous to your health. That was part of what we learned today."

"Going to your point, Anderson, there just isn't enough disinfectant at the White House to wash away what the president did and the lies that were told to cover it up," continued Acosta. "One of the reasons he cut short that briefing earlier this evening, my sources tell me, is the president was upset about the flak he was taking over his comments that people could use disinfectants to kill the coronavirus inside their bodies. Goes beyond that. Talking to sources inside the White House this evening, telling us there's a discussion going on about paring down the briefings, making better use of them, because they feel like the president is getting diminishing returns."

Watch below: