Andrew Cuomo shames the GOP for wanting to let New York go bankrupt: 'We bail them out every year!'

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday spat fire at Republican lawmakers who are musing about letting state governments go bankrupt rather than give them federal aid to patch holes in their budgets.

During his daily press conference, Cuomo called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for saying it would be better to let states go bust than to give them a "bailout."

"States can't go bankrupt," Cuomo said. "There are serious constitutional questions about whether or not a state can go bankrupt... and you need a federal law that would allow the states to declare bankruptcy... Pass a law that allows states to declare bankruptcy! He would have to do that, and I dare him to do that!"

Cuomo also singled out Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) for complaining about having to help New York meet its fiscal needs during a time of crisis.

"Senator Scott from Florida says, 'We're supposed to bail them out.' 'We' versus 'them.' We're supposed to bail them out. It's we and it's them. That's not right... New York state bails them out every year. They're not bailing us out. We bail them out every year. New York state pays $29 billion into that federal pot, $29 billion more every year that we never get back!"

Watch the video below.