Anti-lockdown protests 'could get us to violence very quickly': Ex-FBI official
Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC (screengrab)

On Monday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," former FBI counterintelligence official Frank Figliuzzi sharply criticized President Donald Trump for his support of anti-lockdown protests.

"What are we seeing now? Desperate search for a scapegoat, and we're seeing a president, as he ramps up toward an election and his poll numbers are down, is going to be increasingly desperate to find that scapegoat, every time he points at it they point right back," said Figliuzzi. "We've got a threat coming at us and he's not heeding the warnings."

"So where is this going?" continued Figliuzzi. "If you're law enforcement, intelligence, domestic security ... increasing concerns about these protests that are spreading like a virus across the country, protesting public health measures, because we're seeing many militia groups, funding coming from Trump-associated donors, Koch brothers, Betsy DeVos, that foundation. We're seeing an anti-science, anti-public health protest movement that actually is increasing exposure of law enforcement, and it puts law enforcement and mayors and governors in a trick bag, take measures against protests that violate public health and safety or, you know, they're accused of looking anti-liberty, anti-free speech."

"It's a magic potion that could get us to violence very quickly," added Figliuzzi. "We're entering the most volatile period of this president's administration."

Watch below: