Bill Maher says Trump didn’t need to put his name on stimulus checks as we’ll know who it’s from when it bounces
Bill Maher (screengrab)

The host of "Real Time" on HBO put on a suit and tie for his home performance on Friday.

Unable to have a live studio audience, Maher used historical footage of audiences laughing following his jokes.

The host discussed his own difficulties dealing with the COVID-19 coronavirus shutdowns.

"I love my home. Home sweet home. But enough of home, I never thought I'd miss traffic," he revealed.

"It's lonely, I'm not going to lie," he said.

"I'm afraid I'm losing it, I'm this close to writing a manifesto," he worried. "Last week I took mushrooms and FaceTimed with the future me."

"I'm not the only one, I know I'm not," he argued.

Maher also discussed Trump's week, saying that "even by his standards, was off the rails."

He also explained that Trump didn't need his signature on stimulus checks as we would know who sent them when they bounced.