BUSTED: Meghan McCain’s husband caught violating federal law with ‘obvious threat’ against employees
Meghan McCain (ABC)

The husband of "The View" personality Meghan McCain violated federal labor law while threatening employees of his right-wing website against unionizing.

In 2019, Ben Domenech tweeted that that union organizing in his workplace would result in the employee being sent "back to the salt mine."

"FDRLST Media chief Ben Domenech’s tweet was an 'obvious threat' —- not a joke or an expression of opinion shielded by the First Amendment—when viewed in light of workers’ legally protected rights, Judge Kenneth Chu said Wednesday," Bloomberg Law reports. "The timing of the tweet, which came on the same day of a walkout by union employees at Vox Media, supported the conclusion that Domenech was sending a message to employees, the judge held."

“Obviously, the FDRLST employees are not literally being sent back to the salt mines,” Chu wrote. “Idioms have, however, hidden meanings.”

The company will have to post physical notices alerting employees that the company violated federal labor law.