CNN vice president blasts Trump’s 2020 campaign as ‘truly pathetic’ for misleading voters on Twitter
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President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign was called out on Thursday for how they edited a video shared on Twitter.

The sixteen-second clip of CNN featured Dr. Sanjay Gutpa and Anderson Copper discussing coronavirus.

Matt Dornic, CNN's vice president for communications and digital partnerships, fact-checked the video.

"This video was selectively edited to misrepresent an entire conversation about the severity of coronavirus," Dornic said. "The remark you’ve pulled out of context was actually to encourage viewers to get a flu shot."

"You guys are truly pathetic," he concluded.

Dornic included a copy of the transcript.

Supporters of Trump have tried to rationalize America having more coronavirus deaths than any other country by complaining about media coverage.

Five days after the CNN clip in question, Trump took to Twitter say that coronavirus was "at this moment" less deadly than the common flu.