CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta rips Trump for failure to provide basics to move America back on track

On CNN Monday, Dr. Sanjay Gupta laid into the Trump administration for utterly failing to produce a real plan on coronavirus testing.

"Dr. Gupta, a White House source says that the goal is to help each state reach the ability to test at least 2 percent of its residents, so the question is, is that enough?" said host Don Lemon.

"I don't think that's enough," said Gupta. "I mean, really by any way that you look at that, I think if you look at the Harvard study they said, you know, you're talking maybe 500,000 people a day, right? So that's a percent of people a week, really, in the country. But i think even that number is probably low."

"One way to think about this, Don — and I think maybe this is a good way — we keep focusing on the absolute number of tests, which isn't maybe necessarily that helpful. Doesn't have context. Or we compare it to other countries which also doesn't really have context," said Gupta. "What you want to figure out in the United States, are we testing enough? And the way to get there really from a testing standpoint, to look at the numbers, is to say when you start to get 10 percent of the tests coming back as positive, that means you're probably doing adequate surveillance, okay?"

"If you do the numbers backwards, the people really want to have numbers on that," added Gupta. "That's probably 1 million or so tests per day, Don, not 6 million per month, which would be roughly 2 percent of the country. So it's nowhere near enough."

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