CNN's fact-checker busts Trump's lie that he hasn't backed off promoting hydroxychloroquine
Daniel Dale appears on CNN (screen grab)

On CNN Thursday, fact-checker Daniel Dale demolished President Donald Trump's claim, in his press conference earlier, that he had not stopped promoting the potential use of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

"The president also claimed he has not stopped hyping up hydroxychloroquine," said Dale. "By the numbers, we know that's untrue. My colleague Marshall Cohen posted a chart showing that, for example, between March 19 and March 25, he mentioned it 15 times. Between April 16 and 22, just once it's fallen off. Over and over again, the president is promoting or uttering information that's not true."

Trump's sudden dropoff in plugs for hydroxychloroquine tacked with Fox News mentioning the drug less frequently, in light of newer analyses that suggest there may be no benefit to the drug in COVID-19 patients.

Watch below: