CNN's Jake Tapper shames conservatives who got their own followers killed with COVID-19 misinformation
CNN's Jake Tapper (Screen cap).

CNN's Jake Tapper on Monday issued a scathing denunciation of conservative politicians and media personalities who have put their own followers' lives in danger by downplaying the threat of COVID-19.

"Practically every day I see a tweet or blog post about someone who wrongly thought COVID-19 was a hoax dying of COVID-19 and all I can think about are the members of the media and politicians who misinformed that person and who assuredly feel zero responsibility," Tapper wrote on Twitter.

Per Crooks & Liars, one such victim was 60-year-old John McDaniel of Marion, Ohio, who recently died from coronavirus after attacking Republican Gov. Mike DeWine for issuing stay-at-home orders during the pandemic.

Another victim was a 74-year-old New York bar owner named Joe Joyce, who blew off warnings about the virus and went on a Mediterranean cruise in March after watching Fox News reports assuring him that the virus was being contained.

"He watched Fox, and believed it was under control," Joyce's daughter, Kristen Mider, told the New York Times over the weekend.