‘Darwin Award candidate 2020’: Laura Ingraham slammed for claiming the media is to blame for coronavirus lockdowns
Laura Ingraham -- screenshot

A Vox article published this Thursday focused on Sweden's response to the coronavirus outbreak, warning that the country's choice to keep economic activity at a slightly ramped-down pace while not shutting things down altogether could prove to be deadly. But Laura Ingraham at Fox News thinks the article is just another example of the media's agenda-driven push to keep the U.S. in lockdown throughout the rest of the year.

"It's now obvious that our press will oppose any strategy that doesn't lead to a complete lockdown for at least the remainder of the year," Ingraham wrote in a tweet posted this Sunday.

In the comment thread beneath Ingraham's tweet, many agreed that she's part of the problem when it comes to the country's effort to contain the outbreak.