Devin Nunes wants an apology: ‘It, in fact, was the Democratic Party colluding with Russians’
Devin Nunes appears on Fox News (screen grab)

One of President Donald Trump's biggest supporters in Congress took to Fox News on Thursday night to attack China.

Trump supporters have been attempting to deflect blame from Trump for why America leads the world in COVID-19 deaths by scapegoating China.

During an interview with Laura Ingraham, Nunes complained that, "to this day, none of the media have actually apologized" for reporting Trump's Russia scandals that were the focus of the Mueller report and the president's impeachment.

He argued that, "now it's pretty clear that -- which I've been saying this for three-and-a-half-years -- it wasn't the Trump administration that was attempting to collude with Russians, it, in fact, was the Democratic Party colluding with Russians."