Ex-senator prays for Dr. Fauci -- because Trump is about to pressure him to reopen the government
Dr. Anthony Fauci (Screen Shot)

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) warned that President Donald Trump is so desperate to regain his economy that he'll put people's lives at risk and force scientists and doctors to back him up.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace lamented that the bar has clearly dropped even lower for Trump and has clearly reached the lowest point of his presidency.

"You know, it's interesting Nicolle, I think Americans right now, while everyone wants to go back to work and everyone wants to go back to school, and everyone wants to go back to church, mostly what Americans want to be is be safe and have a strong leader that can show the way through this crisis," said McCaskill. "Clearly we have anything but that. We have a massively insecure man who's focused on one thing -- that's his re-election. He's in a boxed canyon. He always thought his re-election depended on the strength of the economy, right? And now, the economy is in tatters. So, he's manically trying to get the economy back."

She went on to explain that Trump isn't thinking about the fact that the economy is made up of states. the largest of those states with the greatest economies are run by Democrats. And the governors of those states are in control and will listen to scientists and public health experts about when it's safe.

"He might get some red states, rural governors," said McCaskill. "But that's not the engine of our economy. If you look at the places that have been hit the hardest, that's where so much of our economic activity comes from and that's where you have Democratic governors, county executives and mayors."

What concerned her the most, however, was the danger that Dr. Anthony Fauci faces.

"I just want to pray for Fauci right now. I want him to stay strong. Because he'll end up having tremendous pressure on him. Can you imagine what they're going to do to him? They're going to try to make him say, 'it's okay.' So, stay strong, Tony Fauci," she closed.

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