FEMA employees rattled after Jared Kushner brings in private sector aides to help with coronavirus response: report
Steven Mnuchin, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump (AFP)

In the wake of White House senior adviser Jared's Kushner enlisting private-sector volunteers to help with the government's response to coronavirus, some FEMA employees are expressing concern with how the volunteers will interact with vendors on the government's behalf, the Wall Street Journal reports.

"In one case, FEMA advised a vendor to report the contact to police, not realizing at the time that the email had come from one of the volunteers," WSJ's Rachael Levy writes. "Using Gmail only also means their correspondence wouldn’t be automatically captured in government records, a legal requirement for government business."

As Levy points out, Kushner's initiative illustrates the problems with bringing the private sector in to help government agencies.

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