Fox News pushes to 'abandon' membership in World Health Organization as pandemic rages
Marc Thiessen speaks to Dana Perino on Fox News (screen grab)

A Fox News segment on Monday suggested that the United States should withdraw support for the World Health Organization as the coronavirus pandemic rages across the globe.

Fox News host Dana Perino spoke to former White House speechwriter Marc Thiessen about a Wall Street Journal op-ed that questioned whether the U.S. should be funding the World Health Organization.

Thiessen said that W.H.O. is "100% compromised" by China.

"Should the United States use a little big more muscle with the World Health Organization or should it abandon its support?" Perino wondered.

"Both of those things should be on the table," Thiessen replied. "We're going to look into China's complicity in this pandemic... It was something that they lied about and any international organization -- including the World Health Organization -- that helped them in that should be punished."

"And we should reconsider whether we should even be a part of it," he added.

Neither Perino or Thiessen mentioned that President Donald Trump had a role in downplaying the pandemic.

Watch the video below from Fox News.