Goldman Sachs chief explains why Trump 'reopening the country' won't help the economy

Even the head of Goldman Sachs is opposing President Donald Trump's decision to reopen the economy with his own kind of COVID-19 party, the Washington Post reported.

CEO David Solomon may be one of Trump's key business leaders, but he wasn't on the White House's call list with the business leaders due to a scheduling conflict. If he had been, he likely would have told the president that he can't force the economy to come back.

"Unless people feel safe and secure and confident around the virus, the economic impact will continue in some way, shape, or form," Solomon said, according to a transcript.

Trump has said that he will reopen the economy on May 1 and send everyone back to work. It's not likely to be safe by then, but the Trump had planned to run for reelection on his massive stock market gains. By the time the coronavirus began taking people down in February, the stock market had begun to fall, setting new records and erasing all of the gains during his presidency.

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