GOP congressman calls for Fauci’s ouster over coronavirus lockdowns: ‘He's emasculated the economy'
Republican Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona has been serving in the US House of Representatives since January 3, 2017.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (R) wants to see President Donald Trump fire Dr. Anthony Fauci from the coronavirus task force.

During an interview on The Conservative Circus with James T. Harris, Biggs ripped Fauci saying that he was responsible for the economic problems in the country.

"He's emasculated the economy," Biggs said.

Fauci is the top infectious diseases expert in the American government as the director at the National Institute of Health, which presumably is why he was appointed to the task force.

"It's time for Dr. Fauci to move along. I mean, he shouldn't have a seat at the table and making decisions that are basically impacting this country in a way that he hasn't even considered," said Biggs.

Fauci is looking at the public safety aspect of the coronavirus crisis, where people like Peter Navarro, for example, are looking at the economic impact and not the health and safety of the United States.

Biggs is among many Republican officials demanding that the American economy open with a kind of national coronavirus party, which could ultimately kill millions of people. Doing so would put a huge strain on the economy, banks, small businesses and more. However, it seems few Republican officials are willing to look at the impact on the economy after the opening.

You can listen to Biggs below: