GOP governors in the South are creating a ‘perfect storm’ for a new COVID-19 explosion: experts
Florida governor Ron DeSantis. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

On Tuesday, Politico reported that experts are fearful that Southern Republican governors following President Donald Trump's urging to reopen their economies early, like Brian Kemp (R-GA), Henry McMaster (R-SC), and Ron DeSantis (R-FL), are creating a "perfect storm" that will allow COVID-19 to explode in the region and prolong the pandemic in America.

"Republican governors across the Southeast are teaming up to reopen the region’s economy, even as they lack the testing to know how rapidly the coronavirus is spreading," reported Matt Dixon. "One health expert called the political decision a 'perfect storm' for the virus to reassert itself."

"The newly formed coalition includes Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi, a part of the country that has underfunded health systems, as well as high rates of obesity, diabetes and other illnesses that amplify the deadliness of the coronavirus," continued the report. "And unlike their peers in New York, New Jersey and other Northeastern states that have been working cooperatively since last week to restart their economies, the six in the South have lagged on testing and social distancing measures."

“If you put these states together, there is a perfect storm for a massive epidemic peak later on,” said University of South Florida public health professor Jill Roberts. “The Southeast region is not known for having the best health record. Diabetes and heart disease come to mind. I am very concerned about how our states will do it.”

Florida International University's Dr. Aileen Marty agreed. “They [the governors] are heavily Republican with social conservatives who are all of a like mind.They are tempting fate by having the virus out and about among us, but if they don’t do it in a controlled way, we will again be back in situations of overwhelmed hospitals and more people dying.”

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