Government watchdog preparing 'blizzard of audits' for Trump's COVID-19 response can't be fired by the president
President Donald Trump responds to a question about Jussie Smollett (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump has recently been waging war against inspectors general whose job is to investigate alleged wrongdoing in various departments of his administration.

However, the president will have far less luck in thwarting the independent Government Accountability Office from doing its job.

As Politico reports, the GAO is preparing to launch a "blizzard of audits" for the Trump administration's handling of the disease, and the president won't be able to fire them.

"Even as Trump has gone to war against internal watchdogs in his administration, the Government Accountability Office remains largely out of the president’s grasp because of its home in the legislative branch," Politico explains.

The GAO is expected to have launched at least 30 different probes and audits related to the COVID-19 response by the end of this month, and they will mostly be focused on the implementation of the coronavirus economic rescue package signed into law earlier this month.

"Topics will range from the government’s handling of coronavirus testing to its distribution of medical equipment, and from the nation’s food supply to nursing home infections and any missteps in distributing the emergency cash payments that began landing in millions of Americans’ bank accounts this week," the publication writes. "The office’s top fraud investigator said it’s already received a complaint about a check landing in the account of a deceased person."