Governor fact-checks Donald Trump's claim that Republican states are doing better at COVID-19 response
Donald Trump (Youtube/Screen grab)

President Donald Trump announced at a press conference Thursday that blue states, those run by Democrats, are having a harder time dealing with the coronavirus crisis than Republicans are.

"They want to help the states. They want to help bailouts. Bailouts are very tough. They happen to be Democratic states. It's California, it's New York, it's Illinois. You start with those three. And the Republican states are in strong shape. I don't know. Is that luck or is that talent? Or is it just a different mentality? But the Republican-run states are in strong shape."

In fact, Oklahoma, which has survived the crisis, is still facing a $500 million budget shortfall. While Kentucky was recently taken over by a Democrat, it's most certainly a red state that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said should simply file for bankruptcy. South Dakota had a serious outbreak for a small Republican state, when workers at a pork processing plant spread the virus to the town. Georgia has been getting worse and worse as has Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana, all of whom voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said that when he spoke to Trump they "had a very productive conversation."

"And this has been a body blow not just to New Jersey, and I think it's been to blue and red states alike," Murphy continued. "And I think there's a myth that this is somehow connected to legacy issues. And we had a constructive discussion about the fact that that's not what it is. This is about firefighters and police and teachers and EMS folks keeping them employed, keeping them in the service of our residents. So, I think this is a huge priority nationally. I know it is in New Jersey. I think states need that financial support to keep doing what we're doing."

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