Trump refuses responsibility for spike in poisonings after ‘disinfectant injection’ comments
Donald Trump (AFP:File : MANDEL NGAN)

President Donald Trump is refusing to take any responsibility for the massive increase in calls to poison control centers after he mused last week that an "injection" of disinfectant might cure people of coronavirus, and urged doctors to test his theory.

"Theyu've seen a spike in people using disinfectant after your comment last week," reporter Brian Karem told the President.

"I know you said they were 'sarcastic' –" Karem offered, but was immediately interrupted by Trump.

"I can't imagine why, can't imagine why, yeah," the President claimed.

Asked if he would "take any responsibility," Trump responded, "No I don't," but quickly added, "I can't imagine why," again, obviously eager to avoid the national outrage after the last time he said he took no responsibility.

He then blew off the reporter and went to another.