Ivanka Trump buried on MSNBC for stay-at-home hypocrisy: 'Look at her actions and not her words'
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

On MSNBC Saturday, Business Insider reporter Sonam Sheth broke down Ivanka Trump's personal travel across state lines to celebrate Passover, failing to follow the stay-at-home orders the government is attempting to enforce to curb the spread of coronavirus.

"Obviously, it doesn't look great for Ivanka Trump or the White House," said Sheth. "But as far as them flouting the stay-at-home orders to go to Trump's golf club in New Jersey, if you'll pardon the pun, it's kind of par for the course for this White House and for this administration. They have routinely, throughout Trump's presidency, either acted against the advice that they have publicly given Americans or they have done the very things that they have criticized their political opponents for."

"I think it's very interesting that Ivanka Trump is at the center of this controversy," added Sheth. "Because she has, for a long time, been seen as the kind of voice of reason in the White House. But this kind of highlights why it's important to look at her actions and not her words, because she often acts contradictory to the things that she recommends. So this seems to be another example of that. We have seen throughout this presidency, she was profiting off of her father's presidency while calling for harsher ethics guidelines. So this is just another example of her acting, you know, the opposite of what she has been urging the public to do."

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