‘Jesus is my vaccine’: Coronavirus pandemic policy protestors echo Tea Party mania
Lock-down protesters via AFP

A few Americans are attending a handful of coronavirus pandemic protests across the nation, protests organized by right wing groups, some with ties to the family of President Donald Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. These mostly fake grass roots protests – "astroturf," as they used to be called – are an outlet for conservatives unwilling to stay at home and sacrifice like their forefathers and foremothers did during World War II.

The target is no longer President Barack Obama but protestors appear to have dug up their old Tea Party garb and flags, this time adding God in to the mix.

"Jesus is my vaccine" reads the front quarter panel of one protestor's massive truck, its horn honking as it slowly drives past the steps to the Capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The green truck drove past American flags, Betsy Ross American flags, and the Tea Party's yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flags, as CNN's Miguel Marquez shows in these photos and videos:

In honor of the President who has openly-encouraged these protests, there are plenty of Trump-Pence 2020 flags and signs, along with "Keep America Great" ones as well.

Heavily-armed protestors filled another truck.

Social distancing is non-existent:

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is the target for some protestors, others say "the media is the virus."

Earlier Monday "Fox & Friends" declared Americans have demonstrated "responsibility" and should be treated like "adults" as they promoted these protests.