Kansas man drank disinfectant after Trump's speech: State official
Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan:AFP)

On Monday, The Wichita Eagle reported that a man in Kansas drank a household cleaning product not long after President Donald Trump's speech last week asking scientists to look into the possibility of injecting disinfectant into the body to treat coronavirus.

"Lee Norman, the state health officer, said the head of the Kansas Poison Control Center reported a more than 40 percent increase in cleaning chemical cases," reported Jonathan Shorman and Francesca Chambers. "'Including a fellow over the weekend who drank a product because of the advice he’d received,' Norman said during a news conference Monday."

"Norman didn’t identify where the man had gotten the advice," according to the report. However, it occurred just days after Trump's speech.

"Experts say drinking bleach or any other type of disinfectant is dangerous and possibly fatal," continued the report. "The makers of disinfectant products, such as Lysol, have also issued warnings against consuming their products."