Kellyanne Conway sneers at Joe Biden's pandemic advice: 'Why doesn't he call the White House and offer support?'
Kellyanne Conway

Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday sneered at former Vice President Joe Biden's advice about President Donald Trump calling up his predecessor to ask about advice for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

During a "Fox & Friends" interview, Conway was asked if Trump had considered talking with former President Barack Obama to get some pointers on handling the current crisis.

Conway, however, immediately pivoted to attacking Biden.

"I think it's really disappointing to have President Obama's No. 2, who apparently doesn't talk much to him, out there criticizing instead of saying, 'Here's what we did that we thought was effective,'" she complained. "Why doesn't Vice President Biden today call the White House and offer support?"

Conway then turned her attention to Trump critics more generally and scolded them for not praising the president.

"I think the critics and the naysayers seem so much more small, so much more shrill and unhelpful and petty than they ever have," she snarled.