Trump to make ‘very important’ announcement in the next few days: Larry Kudlow
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow (Gage Skidmore)

President Donald Trump is plowing ahead with his attempt to "re-open" the country, a power he insists he has but does not, according to constitutional law and Supreme Court experts. Tuesday Trump's trusted top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, announced "the country is ready to go back to work," and said the President would be making a "very important" announcement in days, Fox News reports.

"Main street folks, middle-class, blue-collar folks, we want to get them back to work as soon as we safely can," Kudlow told Fox Business' Stuart Varney.

Epidemiologist, virologists, other medical experts, and the nation's governors have all warned about the dangers of re-opening the nation too quickly. There has been no widespread coronavirus testing, and there are no FDA approved coronavirus antibody tests. It is also unclear if those who have the coronavirus antibody are protected from reinfection.

In late February Kudlow infamously declared the coronavirus was "contained," and almost "airtight." It was not.

Kudlow spoke to reporters late Tuesday morning. As usual he defended his false claims.