Many of the members of Trump's economic recovery task force had no idea they were on it: report
Donald Trump discussing coronavirus with governors. (White House photo.)

One day after President Trump assembled a list of business leaders, advisers, celebrities, and other public figures for his economic recovery task force, it was discovered that many of the people whose names appeared on the list had no idea they had been added to the group, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

Trump proudly touted his Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups during a White House press briefing in the Rose Garden on Tuesday night, the Daily Beast reports. "And yet, many of the listed names and companies did not learn of their new, supposed advisory roles until the president read their names on live TV, or until after the White House published the full list. Others said they hadn’t even committed to working with the Trump administration on this, and only agreed to take a phone call from the White House to see if the effort was worthwhile or just for show."

According to the Beast's report, the next day "it had become clear that industry groups were mainly being used as a sounding board, with some leaders even encouraging the president to not abandon public safety policy for the sake of an economic activity sugar rush."

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