Maryland GOP governor is hiding his state's testing kits in an undisclosed location so Trump can't seize them
Official photo of Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD)

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan told the Washington Post's Robert Costa on Thursday that he has had to hide COVID-19 testing kits to make sure President Donald Trump doesn't commandeer them.

During an interview with Costa, Hogan explained how he worked to smuggle testing kits in from South Korea in a complicated process that took over three weeks to pull off.

He said it was important to make sure that the plane containing the tests landed at Baltimore/Washington International Airport and not Dulles International Airport to lessen the change that the cargo could get taken by the federal government.

Hogan said that he even called in the Maryland National Guard to oversee the delivery of the shipment of the testing kits as they arrived at BWI.

"Is the National Guard in Maryland still protecting those tests?" Costa asked.

"They are!" Hogan replied. "The National Guard and the state police are both guarding these tests at an undisclosed location."

Watch the video below.