Massachusetts governor chokes up while describing death of his best friend's mother from coronavirus

During a briefing in Boston this Wednesday, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker became emotional while recounting the death of a close friend's mother from coronavirus.

“My best friend lost his mom to covid,” Baker said before a long pause.

“He and his mom had a great relationship,” he continued. “And because they had a great relationship, they never left anything unsaid. You just knew that about the two of them. … When you talk about where the numbers are going on this, what I’m really thinking about is all those people who aren’t going to have a chance to say goodbye.”

“My wife gives me a hard time all the time about the fact that Baker men never really say what they think about anything to anybody when it comes to personal things,” the governor said. “Even on these goofy phone calls I have with my dad, I try to say more because you just don’t know anymore what the future is going to hold.”

Massachusetts has about 30,000 confirmed cases, giving the state the sixth-highest number of coronavirus deaths per capita behind New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana and Michigan.

Watch the video below, via The Washington Post.