'More bizarre than usual': Gov. Cuomo knocks down Trump's conspiracy theory of inflated deaths in NYC
Andrew Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing (WIVB/screen grab)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Thursday said it was "bizarre" for the president of the United States to float a conspiracy theory about inflated coronavirus death totals in New York City.

At his daily press conference, Cuomo was asked about comments President Donald Trump made at a White House coronavirus briefing on Tuesday.

“I see this morning where New York added 3,000 [sic] deaths because they died. Rather than [a] heart attack, they say heart attack caused by this,” Trump complained.

Cuomo called the remarks "more bizarre than usual."

"Why would New York City want to inflate a death toll?" Cuomo said. "I mean, that doesn't make a lot of sense. It's bad enough as it is. It's painful enough as it is. Why would you want to inflate a death toll? Look, I don't know but it's even more bizarre than usual."

Cuomo went on to explain that the city is following new Center for Disease Control guidelines for counting "probable" coronavirus deaths.

"Could people be dying at home of the coronavirus and we're not counting them? Yes," the governor explained. "I think that's what it is more than anything."

Watch the video below from WIVB.