MSNBC analyst points out 'disturbing' number in latest Trump approval poll that should 'concern' the White House
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

On MSNBC Saturday, political analyst Elise Jordan broke down why President Donald Trump's polling numbers are a problem for his re-election.

"Let me take a look with you at this new CBS poll in which it shows 52 percent of Americans are feeling that the president is doing a bad job handling the coronavirus crisis," said anchor Alex Witt. "That is more than the 47 percent who say that he's doing a good job. The people who feel the president is doing a good job say their big reasons are that the virus is being contained and that doctors are getting the supplies they need. But those who feel that Trump is doing a bad job, Elise, feel the opposite is happening. Look, we're all watching the same briefings. We all see the same stats. Why is it that there's such different perspective on what's happening?"

"The polls on how Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus pandemic have been fascinating just in that they're so much like any other political poll and are divided along polarized lines of the political class these days, and so you see the polarization in how people perceive the crisis," said Jordan. "Donald Trump has this small window of 5 percent with his own approval rating. He hovers from about 40 percent to 45 percent and he doesn't — it doesn't matter what's really going on in the world. He really manages to hang tight there."

"I would say, though, the numbers that I would be concerned about, if I'm the Trump White House, would be how little he gained in approval rating," added Jordan. "Usually in a time of great crisis, you look at President George W. Bush after 9/11, he gained 30 points in approval ratings. There is a rallying together cry and we just don't see that. It's a sign of just how polarized we are, but I also think it's disturbing for the Trump White House when you consider how European leaders, their approval ratings have gone up in this time of crisis."

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