New data show Trump's egging on of anti-lockdown protesters could backfire badly for him: op-ed
President Donald Trump giving a coronavirus briefing (screengrab)

Earlier this month, President Trump fired off a series of tweets that expressed support for people protesting against state lockdowns to battle the coronavirus outbreak. But according to new polling, Americans aren't onboard with that particular strategy.

As the Washington Post's Aaron Blake points out, A new CBS News/YouGov poll shows that only 23 percent of people support anti-lockdown protests, while 62 percent oppose them. While support for the protests is higher among Republicans (43 percent), nearly half of Republicans (46 percent) oppose them.

"Perhaps more tellingly, even many people who support the protesters apparently think what Trump did was out of line," Blake writes. "A remarkably low 7 percent of all Americans think Trump should be encouraging the protesters, while 55 percent said he should discourage them, and 38 percent said he should do nothing."

"Even among Republicans, just 13 percent said Trump should encourage the protesters, as he did," he adds.

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