New York City spikes 4,900+ new COVID-19 cases over the weekend
Coronavirus. Sick man of corona virus looking through the window and wearing mask protection and recovery from the illness in home. Quarantine. Patient isolated to prevent infection. Pandemia. House.

New York City announced an astounding spike in COVID-19 cases, putting them over 103,000 cases in the city and over 7,000 deaths, said the New York Post.

New York had plateaued last week and officials were hoping the spread of the virus had slowed and social-distancing was working. Over the weekend, however, things got worse.

The 4,900+ spike comes as Mayor Bill de Blasio said that they will absolutely not bring classes back in session term.

Meanwhile, Florida's Gov Ran DeSantis is letting parents decide if they want to keep children out of classes. Dr. Anthony Fauci told Florida that it could mean that children would get infected if they re-open.