‘People will crawl through glass in November’ to vote: former senator says Americans are fed up
Photo of a long line to vote in Wisconsin by SEIU

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill said that she is optimistic about the future of the election in November.

In less than seven months Americans will go to the polls but after seeing the Wisconsin vote amid the coronavirus crisis and the confusion about whether or not there'd be an election.

"You know what I'm not worried about, Nicolle? I'm not worried about people voting in November. Wisconsin is amazing," she said. "When you start trying to play games with the American people about making it harder for them to vote, it's not like people don't get what you're doing. And people will go the extra mile. As I've said on this program before and others, I think people will crawl through glass to vote in November because they feel so strongly about what is going on in our government right now."

She said that it's been a bad 48 hours for the president because of his meltdown and Wisconsin coming together for Democrats.

"So, at this point, I'm kind of optimistic," she concluded.

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