Raleigh police sit silently as white protester calls them Nazis: 'Following orders is not an excuse'
Protester shouts at police duriong a demonstration in Raleigh, NC (screen grab)

Police in Raleigh, North Carolina were seen calmly watching as a man protesting coronavirus stay-at-home orders called them Nazis.

The confrontation occurred at a rally to "reopen" the state on Tuesday.

"Did you swear to God to support the Constitution?" the man shouted to nearby officers. "Are you doing that right now? Do you value your soul?"

"How does it feel to be close to a Nazi?" he continued. "The Nuremberg Trials... following orders is not an excuse!"

The protester added: "The difference between a police officer that doesn't follow his oath and the guards at Dachau [concentration camp] are minimal!"

Watch the video below.