Rick Wilson brutally mocks Trump-loving Georgia governor after president turns on him 'like a dog'
Rick Wilson (MSNBC)

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp got a nasty surprise on Wednesday when President Donald Trump came out against his plan to reopen tattoo parlors and bowling alleys -- despite the fact that Trump last week had called on governors to "liberate" their states from pandemic lockdown measures.

Conservative political strategist Rick Wilson is now pouring salt in Kemp's wounds by mocking him for showing slavish loyalty to a president who has proven he does not reciprocate in kind.

"He did what Fox and Trump told him to do and the second Trump decided for whatever random brainfart reason it was too soon, he turned on Kemp -- if you will -- like a dog," Wilson wrote on Twitter.

Wilson then excoriated elected Republicans who still believe that sucking up to the president is the best way to advance their political careers.

"After all this time, do you still not GET it?" he asked rhetorically. "Nothing you do will EVER be enough. You will NEVER get reciprocity for your risk and sacrifice. Everything he tells you is a lie. Your obedience and loyalty breed contempt and malice."

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