'Social distancing = Communism': These are the stupidest protest signs from rallies to reopen
Protest signs via Khary Penibaker.

While family members of the elderly and ill are working hard to protect them from coming near COVID-19, supporters of President Donald Trump and Fox News viewers are protesting around the country demanding everything reopen so they can go back to their local bars or golf with their friends.

A large crowd of people who were not socially distancing gathered outside of the Colorado capitol in Denver Sunday:

The ignorant signs carried by protesters were reminiscent of the anti-government, tea party protests of 2010, where rally participants held signs reading "get the government out of my Medicare."

The signs in some areas blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Health Institute appointed by President Donald Trump, to advise him on the COVID-19 task force. One blasted him by saying he's not the American president. The person seemed to not understand the elected president was choosing to listen to Fauci.

Another person held up a sign saying "My Body" with a picture of a mask around it and a slash through it. She had a bandana tied around her neck as if she was using it for a mask. Ironically, Trump doesn't support the philosophy "my body, my choice."

Another protester proclaimed that social-distancing was equal to communism. Communism is a political theory in which all people share in public resources and properties. One could argue that communism would also mean sharing the virus, so social distancing would be the antithesis of that. Another woman proclaimed, "Give me liberty or give me death." She might get that wish.

Another individual pointed out the flaw in the sign "Be Like Sweden," where there is a public health system for all citizens along with other policies the right generally refers to as "socialist." Sweden early on refused to shut down, and until recently, they were fine. Now that their death toll and virus count has increased, they're pivoting to usher in restrictions.

You can see other questionable signs below:

And then there were the very few counter-protesters to the protesters: