'That's really ignorant': Anderson Cooper destroys Las Vegas mayor as she argues to reopen casinos
Carolyn Goodman speaks to Anderson Cooper (CNN/screen grab)

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman on Wednesday struggled in a CNN interview to defend her desire to immediately reopen casinos.

During the interview, CNN host Anderson Cooper seemed mystified by the push to reopen the Las Vegas strip without the necessary measures to mitigate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

At one point, Goodman disagreed with a study which found that one person at a restaurant in China infected at least nine other people who were eating nearby.

"This isn't China!" Goodman exclaimed. "This is Las Vegas, Nevada."

"Wow," Cooper shot back. "Okay, that's really ignorant... That's an ignorant, ignorant statement. That's a restaurant. And yes, it's in China but they are human beings too."

The CNN host went on to castigate Goodman as "irresponsible" for her call to reopen casinos.

"It just seems really irresponsible," Cooper advised. "You're not out there doing anything about trying to improve testing... or improve contact tracing. You're simply sitting there and saying, 'Get back to work, get these casinos open again.'"

"And you have no idea or plan," he added. "You've done nothing to try to figure out what's the best way to make that happen. How far apart should a dealer be from the people? I mean, you're offering nothing other than being a cheerleader."

Watch a portion of the interview below.