The GOP's push to block voters in Wisconsin backfired spectacularly — and could cost them the 2020 election: voting rights attorney

Republicans in Wisconsin drew outrage after they forced the primary to be held in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic — and went to the Supreme Court to block absentee ballots from being counted for an extended period. The move promoted speculation that they were trying to depress votes in liberal Milwaukee and Dane Counties by forcing thousands of people to risk COVID-19 exposure to stand in line at polling places — thus helping Republican-appointed state Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly win a full term.

While the race hasn't been called yet, early returns look highly strong for Democratic-aligned challenger Jill Karofsky, which would mean Republicans' voter suppression efforts were a spectacular failure.

But as Democratic voting rights attorney Marc Elias pointed out on Monday evening, Republicans' potential loss goes beyond the Supreme Court seat. Their push for the federal courts to block voting created a ticking legal time bomb for Republicans that could pave the way for a huge expansion of voting rights in several key states — and put their chances of re-electing President Donald Trump in serious danger.