These numbers show Trump is lying about more people dying from the lockdown than COVID-19: journalist
Donald Trump (Mark Reinstein /

Finance journalist Tim Mullaney has expertly torn apart President Donald Trump's claims that keeping America on lockdown will kill more people than COVID-19.

Writing in The Independent, Mullaney argues that the president simply has no concept of the mass death that's been inflicted upon America over the last month, and he shows that his arguments about more people dying from suicide or domestic violence during the lockdown are completely specious.

"Yesterday, coronavirus killed 2,763 Americans, according to Worldometer," he writes. "On average, in the US 129 people take their lives each day — almost half using guns that are more lightly regulated in America than basically anywhere on earth. Domestic violence, as unacceptable and pervasive as it is, killed 2,237 in 2017."

He then argues that the total number of recorded COVID-19 deaths over just the last month are even more shocking when compared to American deaths from past wars.

"At 32,588 US deaths and counting, most of them in the last nine days, we’re on pace to match the 33,000 US combat casualties in the Korean War today," he writes. "That war lasted 37 months. The 47,000-plus US combat deaths in Vietnam are the next milestone — at 2,500 a day, that will take until next week. Vietnam went on from Presidents Eisenhower through Ford. The First World War’s death toll would take another three days to match."

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