Trump appointee calls on New Jersey governor to send troops to ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclave to enforce social distancing

The coronavirus infection rate in the Jewish enclave of Lakewood Township in New Jersey has surpassed surrounding towns by nearly two to one. Now, Councilman Barry Calogero is calling for the National Guard to enforce social distancing rules on the community, according to the Shore News Network.

Calogero, who is also a politically appointed executive director of the Trump administration, called on the Army National Guard to deploy to his town and towns surrounding Lakewood to enforce Governor Phil Murphy’s quarantine orders.

"Unfortunately, not everyone is following the law of the land. Unfortunately, there are groups of people who hide behind cultures and religious beliefs who put themselves, our first responders, and quite honestly all of Jackson and all of the bordering towns at risk for their selfishness, irresponsibility, and inability to follow the law put in place by President Trump and Governor Murphy," Calogero said in an audio message published to Facebook on Tuesday. "How in God’s name can civilized people disrespect their neighbors, the President, and the Governor’s orders? It is with a sad heart I implore governor Murphy to set aside politics and use your power and authority to call out the National Guard to enforce the law and protect Ocean County from those who cannot seem to follow our laws."

Listen to his full remarks below: