Trump campaign fraudulently claims ‘Democrats are trying to steal the election’ as president calls to ‘liberate’ blue states
Donald Trumpn (AFP Photo:MANDEL NGAN)

The Trump re-election campaign on Friday accused Democrats of "trying to STEAL THE ELECTION right before our eyes," in an email blast with the subject line that reads "Cheaters."

The email came to some just minutes after President Donald Trump issued a series of tweets that called on Americans to "LIBERATE" three blue states. At least one of them has been subjected to protests by right wing extremists who oppose the governor's stay-at-home orders. Those orders have worked to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The protests have been linked to the DeVos family.

Washington Post columnist and University College London assistant professor of global politics Brian Klass warns Trump is laying the groundwork to get "his supporters to reject results" of the November election "and use violence."

Earlier this week Trump posted this unhinged tweet:

In fact, the only "ballot harvesting" that has ever been charged was by a Republican in North Carolina.