Trump is doing the 'I barely know the guy routine' with hydroxychloroquine now it's getting bad results: CNN's Don Lemon
CNN anchor Don Lemon (screengrab)

On CNN Tuesday night, anchor Don Lemon looked at Trump's love affair with hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 — and how he is running away from the drug now that it no longer looks like the miracle cure he spent weeks telling his supporters it was.

"What do you have to lose? Try it!" said Lemon. "Okay. In all seriousness, a new study of patients at a VA medical center finds the drug not only has no benefit, it even has a higher death rate. And so the president says this tonight."

"I don't know of the report," said Trump at the day's press briefing, when asked about the study. "Obviously there've been some very good reports, and perhaps this one's not a good report, but be looking at it, we'll have a comment on it ... I'm always willing to take a look"

"Says he doesn't know anything about that report showing that patients who took the drug had higher death rates than those who didn't," said Lemon. "The drug he promoted over and over and over. Now the president just says that he's going to take a look. That's not good enough. He's got a responsibility to take this seriously. He promoted a totally unproven drug again and again, telling Americans desperate to do something, anything to save their lives, what have you got to lose, he said. Now he's doing the 'I barely know the guy' routine with the drug that he said would be the game-changer and a gift from heaven."

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