Trump is signaling GOP governors to 'get going' with ending lockdowns — even though they aren't ready: Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta - CNN

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta broke down Trump's latest comments on states ending coronavirus lockdowns — and what it signifies.

"He was talking about states that could get back to normal tomorrow and open up tomorrow," said Acosta. "That is just going to be unrealistic for most states around the country. I think one question that has to be asked is, you know, is he sending signals to these Republican governors who were taking cues from him to begin with? Essentially, while we've been saying for the better part of this afternoon is that the president is giving this back to the governors after claiming total authority earlier this week, he is sending strong cues to governors in his party to get going."

"I do think that there's some significant questions that need to be asked," continued Acosta. "When the president says we have tremendous testing capacity in this country, that is false. That is not the case. The president was on a conference call with governors and other lawmakers earlier today, telling him there's not enough testing to get most states back to normal, most workplaces back to normal. And so there is a problem here where the president is just not dealing with the reality of the situation."

"You have states eager and raring to go to get opened up again," Acosta added. "They may not be ready. They're taking cues from the president. When he talks, Republican governors and Republican lawmakers listen. The question will become, will they open up too quickly and have problems because of that?"

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