Trump-loving pastor posts video of his 'crucified' son as he defies social distancing orders on Good Friday

Tennessee pastor Greg Locke has insisted on continuing to hold church services despite coronavirus lockdown orders in his state, saying that his ministry is an "essential service."

"It’s important for us to remain open," Locke said late last month. "It's not because we’re trying to prove a point."

Locke is continuing his defiance of social distancing orders and is holding a Good Friday service. In a video posted to his Twitter account, he showed preparations for a reenactment of Jesus' crucifixion. Among the actors was his 16-year-old son, who can be seen in the video portraying a bloodied Christ on the cross.

The pastor previously made headlines for his defenses of President Donald Trump.

Unsurprisingly, there were a few people who didn't approve of his Good Friday reenactment: