‘Still in that hut in Kenya’: Trump's new White House press secretary is a birther – and a huge hypocrite
Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News -- screenshot

President Donald Trump on Tuesday appointed Christian conservative Kayleigh McEnany, who is his re-election campaign's national press secretary, to be the new White House press secretary.

Like her boss, Kayleigh McEnany is a birther.

And like her boss, McEnany is a huge hypocrite.

Here's the new, incoming White House press secretary from 2012, the year President Obama was re-elected, spouting birtherism and racism:

There's this tweet, also from 2012, that furthers the birther conspiracy and adds to it the racist implication that Black people don't perform as well as white people, or that if they get into good schools it's only through affirmative action programs, which is false.

It's not just McEnany's birtherism and racism that are disturbing to see in anyone working in the White House, it's her hypocrisy as well.

In 2015 McEnany was not impressed with then-candidate Trump:

But she focused much of her time attacking President Barack Obama, for issues she ignores with President Trump.

Here she goes after Obama for golfing (NCRM has not verified if her claim is true):

Here she attacks President Obama for blaming his predecessor, which Trump does almost daily.

Here she praises Mitt Romney for not attacking his fellow Republicans – something Trump does on a regular basis:

Here she attacks Obama for increasing the national debt after the global financial crisis. Trump has increased the debt in three years far more than Obama ever did in eight.

Here she attacks Obama for not going to church regularly. Her boss almost never does – yet claims to be highly religious, and uses the evangelical right as a shield.

Finally, we'll just leave these last two hypocritical tweets here without comment: