Trump Organization asks for rent relief -- from the Trump administration: report
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

The leader of the free world is hoping the United States will give his business a break on rent, according to a bombshell new report in The New York Times.

"President Trump’s signature hotel in the nation’s capital wants a break on the terms of its lease. The landlord determining the fate of the request is Mr. Trump’s own administration," the newspaper reported Tuesday evening.

"Trump International Hotel, just a few blocks from the White House, had been a favored gathering place for lobbyists, foreign dignitaries and others hoping to score points with the president. But like most hotels, it is now nearly empty and looking to cut costs because of the coronavirus pandemic," The Times explained. "In recent weeks, the president’s family business has inquired about changing its lease payments, according to people familiar with the matter, which the federal government has reported amount to nearly $268,000 per month."

The company signed a 60-year lease in 2013.

"Eric Trump, the president’s son, confirmed that the company had opened a conversation about possible changes to the terms of the lease, which could include adjustments to future monthly payments. The Trump Organization has said it is current on its rent," the newspaper reported.

The situation presents a clear appearance of impropriety.

"Companies across the country have pleaded for relief from lenders and landlords, but the Trump Organization’s submission presents a particular predicament," the newspaper reported. "If it denies the request, the agency risks running afoul of the president, who appoints its leader; but if it accommodates the Trumps, the agency is likely to draw fire from critics."

The bombshell report was blasted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).