Trump struggles to answer if he should be re-elected: ‘We’ve lost a lot of people, but...’
Donald Trump AFP : JIM WATSON

At President Donald Trump's coronavirus press briefing on Monday, a reporter asked the president to explain why he deserves re-election, given that he has overseen a disaster that killed more Americans than the Vietnam War. The president frantically worked to try to provide an answer.

"We've lost a lot of people ... but the original projections were 2.2 million," said the president, adding that he believes the country is now on track to only have 60,000 deaths — something that is neither guaranteed nor addresses the fact that even more deaths could have been prevented with fewer mistakes on testing and medical supply distribution.

"I think Mike Pence and everyone on the task force has done a fantastic job," continued Trump, adding that "The press doesn't want to talk about ventilators anymore."