Trump supporter explains lockdown protest: Other people are dying but God will 'take care of us'

The folks over at Unicorn Riot traveled to Minnesota to interview protesters taking part in the "Liberate Minnesota" rally this past weekend, which was organized to protest the state's stay-at-home orders.

In a video posted to their YouTube page, Unicorn Riot talked to a group of Trump-supporting protesters who said that while they do believe the coronavirus pandemic is real and people are dying, it's time for people to start going back to work.

"We still have a right, I think, to work," one woman in the video says.

"We have a higher power that we believe in that takes care of us," another woman sporting a MAGA hat says. "And I know that it's a real thing -- the pandemic is a real thing, we do believe in that ... Yes it is a real thing and people are dying, and it breaks our hearts to know people are dying -- we believe that people are dying."