Trump-supporting Georgia Democrat abruptly changes his mind — now says he won't resign after all
Image via Twitter.

On Wednesday, Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones announced he would be resigning after a wave of outrage over his decision to endorse President Donald Trump.

However, the next day, he posted a video to Twitter announcing that he has changed his mind, and now intends to stay in office, citing "the outpour of support" he has received.

Jones, who represents a solidly blue district in the Atlanta area and previously served as an executive for DeKalb County, has frequently drawn controversy throughout his career, including allegations of rape and political corruption, none of which resulted in criminal charges due to lack of evidence. He has justified his support for Trump by claiming his economic policy has benefited people of color.

He is being challenged by Rhonda Taylor, a local activist with more traditionally Democratic positions. Taylor has already been endorsed by state Democratic Party leadership.